Eating, laughing, talking -- all of these activities add up immeasurably to our enjoyment of life. But when you suffer from a syndrome known as temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly referred to as either TMJ or TMD), even the simple act of opening your mouth may make your everyday life miserable. While dental correction of jaw or tooth issues may help, some cases require a different type of treatment. You can get that treatment from our Newark DE chiropractor here at Diamond State Chiropractic.


Understanding TMJ Pain and Other Symptoms

The temporomandibular joints that anchor your jawbone to each side of your skull are remarkably complex structures. These combinations of cartilaginous discs, tendons, ligaments and muscles are capable of moving your jaw in a variety of directions. This flexibility is necessary for efficient chewing, eating and speech -- but it comes at the price of vulnerability to damage and strain. When something goes wrong with either or both of these joints, you may experience such classic TMJ symptoms as:

  • Pain or clicking/popping noises when opening or closing your jaw
  • Inability to open your mouth normally
  • Ear pain or facial pain
  • Unexplained toothaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck pain

Why do these symptoms occur? A case of TMJ can be brought on by an impact injury to the face or head, or it can be the result of bruxism (chronic jaw clenching or tooth grinding) related to chronic stress. The joint itself may be out of alignment, or it may be suffering from degenerative issues such as osteoarthritis. A misaligned bite can set the stage for many of these issues, which is why many people turn to their family dentist (or even surgery, in extreme cases) for TMJ assistance.

When Your Dentist Can't Help, Turn to Us for Relief

While some TMJ issues may be corrected by adjusting the way the bite comes together or using a dental night guard, others require treatment of the joints involved. Our Newark chiropractor can often provide relief when your dentist cannot, or work with your dentist on a combined treatment strategy. Your condition may respond to:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to the temporomandibular joints themselves
  • Chiropractic treatment of cervical alignment problems that promote neck and facial muscle strain
  • Lifestyle changes and exercises to ease the muscular strain and reduce your stress levels

Ready to Feel Better? Call Diamond State Chiropractic

Life is too short to spend it suffering from jaw pain and other debilitating TMJ symptoms. Call our Newark DE chiropractic clinic at (302) 892-9355 to schedule an evaluation. We can come up with a safe, non-surgical treatment plan to get you feeling better!

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