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Nutritional Counseling at Diamond State Chiropractic

Nutrition is an essential aspect of human health -- and yet many people either don't know or don't care what they're eating on a daily basis. It's no wonder that many individuals suffer from a variety of health problems related to their nutritional intake, including obesity. But dieting alone won't get you into a healthy state; what you really need is a nutrition-friendly lifestyle. Here at diamond Chiropractic in Newark, we're happy to provide nutritional and weight loss counseling that improves your health as well as your looks.


The Importance of Maintaining Good Nutrition and Healthy Weight

Your body runs on nutrients. The foods you eat are broken down by the digestive system into raw materials such as amino acids (which in turn are assembled into proteins), carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and water. Your daily menu must also contain micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which play critical roles in everything from tissue repair and hormonal balances to disease resistance.

Unfortunately, many of the food choices that surround us fail to provide the right nutrients in the right ratios to sustain our health. Fast foods, in particular, tend to be loaded with fats, sugars, and preservatives. Overdoing it on these substances can make you prone to obesity, a dangerous disorder that increases your risk for diabetes, cancer, organ failure, hypertension, and other diseases. This is where professional nutritional counseling can come to the rescue. By gaining an understanding of what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat, you take control of your health one bite at a time.

How Dieting Can Undermine Your Nutritional Goals

Many people assume that they can solve their weight problems purely through dieting -- but this is a bad idea on several counts. For one thing, overly-restrictive diets invariably fail in the long run because they're just too unpleasant to maintain. Additionally, these diets may be woefully inadequate at supplying the everyday nutritional mix your body needs. The smart way to change your eating habits is by adopting safe, sensible practices that you can easily maintain for life.

Expert Guidance From Our Newark Chiropractor

Our Newark chiropractor can set you on road to healthy eating and weight loss. We'll check your Body Mass Index and other wellness indicators as we discuss your ultimate goals and priorities. We can then help you choose foods more wisely, take nutritional supplements to make up for any nutritional gaps, and lose the right amount of weight as safely as possible.

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