Sports Rehabilitation

Newark, DE’s Diamond State Chiropractic has 25 years of experience in treating orthopedic injuries with chiropractic care practices that are natural and non-invasive. We’re helping people just like you recover from their sports injuries and get back to the games and sports that they love faster, easier, and more naturally than they ever could before with our scientific chiropractic approach. You can count on Diamond State.


Adjusting Your Spine

Your spine is the structural support of your body as well as a safeguard for your nerves and protection for many of your vital central functions. For decades, the spinal adjustment has been a powerful tool for athletes to get back on track in many of our most popular team sports to improve range of motion, reduce injuries, and quicken healing times. Once you’ve recovered your speed and strength, you can get back to moving down court, catching a sinking fly ball, or delivering a blistering slap-shot with ease and get your game back to where it should be. Diamond State Chiropractic will help you get back in the game with simple, time-tested stretching exercises, targeting neck, back, hips, legs, and posture to get yourself ready for anything.

Pain Can Sap Your Energy

Your mental energy is called your executive function. When your body is functioning well, your executive function is strong and works normally, helping you complete all the many activities of daily life with ease and strength. But when you’re in pain, much of your attention and ability to function is sapped away by the pain, resulting in a reduced ability to act and react to the world. We supplement our chiropractic treatment with nutritional advice that will help reduce inflammation and pain for anyone looking for a leg up on the competition and faster recovery time.

Heal From Old Injuries Quickly

The rigors of a long season can leave your body battered in places you’ve forgotten, which become more painful and creaky with continued use. During a season of a sport, you might:

  • Repeatedly hyperextend your elbow, causing inflammation
  • Fall on your knees, injuring the ligaments and tendons in the leg
  • Crash into other players, causing serious impact injuries
  • Misalign your spine while making any number of repeated sporting movements

For any of these, chiropractic care can restore you to your best health, so you can keep playing your favorite game not just for this season but for many seasons into the future.

Sports Rehabilitation from Our Chiropractor

Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark, DE, should be first on your shopping list for comprehensive health care. We’re offering you the best we have so that you can give your game the best you have.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Newark, DE, for your sports rehabilitation needs, call 302-892-9355 today.


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