Headache and Migraine Treatment

Headache Treatment in Newark, DE

Headaches and migraines often are more than just head pain. You may also experience nausea, light sensitivity, irritability and fatigue. Headaches and migraines may occur without warning or you may be able to identify an aura that happens just before an episode. The health team at Diamond State Chiropractic offers headache treatment in Newark that includes a holistic approach to your care. Our Newark chiropractor helps you identify triggers that contribute to your headaches and migraines, shows you how to reduce stress to eliminate episodes and also positions your neck and back into a pain-free alignment. If you are seeking headache and migraine treatment in Newark, Dr. Kris Hollstein and Dr. Shavneet Kler along with the wellness staff at Diamond State Chiropractic, invite you to learn about our natural headache relief and migraine relief techniques.

Headache and Migraine Relief with our Chiropractor in Newark DE

Chiropractic care for headaches and migraines goes beyond covering up your pain. Unlike pain relievers which provide temporary relief, chiropractic care offers lasting relief from your symptoms. Dr. Hollsteain and Dr. Kler examine your spine to search for any vertebrae that are out of alignment, spinal abnormalities, muscular imbalances or herniated discs that may be contributing to your pain. Our chiropractor in Newark DE also examines you if you have been injured in an accident and are experiencing headaches as a result. This may include conditions such as whiplash or a concussion. Once our Newark chiropractor has identified the source of your head pain, we develop a headache relief care plan that brings an immediate reduction in your symptoms. Our chiropractors use a variety of techniques to bring headache and migraine relief. These include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to your spine. Our chiropractor gently positions the vertebrae of your spine to allow greater nerve signal flow and reduce pressure on nerves that contribute to your headaches and migraines.
  • Nutritional guidance to teach you which foods may be migraine and headache triggers. Our health team shows you food alternatives to provide essential nutrients yet avoid triggering head discomfort.
  • Exercise instruction to improve muscular strength, flexibility and balance. This eases muscle tension in your upper back and neck that may be leading to more episodes.
  • Lifestyle tips to support a healthy posture throughout the day and eliminate strain on your neck, back and eyes that may be leading to headaches.

After a thorough examination, our chiropractors present a chiropractic care plan to eliminate your pain and improve your quality of life.

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Your headaches and migraines are a few treatments from being eliminated. Our Newark chiropractors use natural treatments to position your body in a pain-free alignment. We improve circulation and nerve signal flow to your head so your episode frequency and intensity are reduced. As you progress with your care, you find your headaches and migraines are less frequent and your overall health is improving. To begin your migraine treatment in Newark, please call Diamond State Chiropractic at (302) 892-9355.

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