Lower Back Pain

Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark Knows About Lower Back Pain

The home of Dr. Kristina Hollstein and Dr. Gregory Serge make up the backbone of Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark. We work with each client individually in a private room. You can easily talk to us about your concerns in a welcoming and private environment. We also have a New Patient Center so that we may study what we're going to need to talk about on the first consultation without wasting any time. 


Common Causes and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Your career, posture, sports injury, or even a car accident are some of the most common causes of lower back pain, but here is a list that gets to the root of the problem with lumbar support and back pain. 

  • Sudden Impact - Placing immediate stress on the lower spine with heavy lifting and twisting the spine that jars the lumbar region, creating herniated discs, sciatica and pulled muscles.
  • Heavy Lifting - Low back pain comes from lifting things incorrectly from the ground while twisting the spine or not lifting from the knees and keeping the weight in the upper body when you carry it. 
  • Bad posture with weak back muscles and abdominal control - When these are weak, your lower back takes the brunt of strain and usually becomes injured. Slouching puts stress on the lower back. For some athletes, they may find strain in the lower back due to tight hamstring muscles.
  • New Activities - When you start a new sport, job, or hobby, you can put stress on a group of muscles that isn't used to being worked.
  • Repetitive motions - Doing something over and over again no matter how fun it may be can cause muscles to tighten and tear from repeated motion. Things such as baseball, rowing, golf, biking, jogging, have been known to cause muscle tightness and tension and in worst case scenarios tears in the lower back muscles. 

These are some of the most common causes that we see, but if you fill out your New Patient Forms before we begin a session, we can closely and quickly exam some causes and symptoms and get on to medical relief. 

How Your Newark Chiropractor will Evaluate, Treat and Diagnose Lower Back Pain

With lumbar spine injuries, it typically takes a short time to heal with a gradual and dedicated process. We will keep a an eye on worsening symptoms. As you heal and get better therapy through exercise programs such as yoga or lifting machines can offer long time relief.

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