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What to Know about an Auto Accident Injury Provided by Our Chiropractor

If you're searching for a "chiropractor in Newmark auto accident," you can find chiropractic care at Diamond State Chiropractic in Newmark, DE, and the nearby region. We provide care for various issues and can help you along every step of the way until you recover.



While you can break several bones and various other injuries can happen from the impact of a car accident, one of the more common injuries is whiplash. This neck injury is often referred to as a sprain. This particular injury occurs when your neck is thrown forward by an automobile hitting you from behind. Your neck then springs back and forward, damaging the soft tissue in your neck. It's also possible for nerve damage to occur.


Another common car accident injury is a concussion. It happens when your head hits the dash or the side of your car. You might feel out of it and have a bit of amnesia, among other symptoms. When you experience this issue, your brain shifts in your skull, which triggers a chemical reaction that causes all the signs. However, chiropractic care can help you recover.


A car accident pushes your body in whatever way it wants, depending on the impact. It can then stretch your soft tissue and cause tears. When it happens to a ligament, this particular injury is known as a sprain. Most people recover fully without surgical intervention, but chiropractic care is an extra step to help recover. It can also speed up the healing time.

Joint Dislocation

You could experience a joint dislocation due to the force on your joints. This dislocation can cause a lot of pain or discomfort. It can also affect your range of motion in that particular area. However, chiropractic care can relocate the joint and help you recover from this injury.

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