Golf Injuries

Diamond State Chiropractic: Holistic Care For Golf Injuries

If you enjoy playing golf, there is nothing worse than having an injury to prevent you from playing. The stress on your body is much more intense than it seems to non-golfers. When you swing your golf club, you are not just using your arms; you are using all the muscles and joints in your body. Many of our patients come to us with back pain from a golf injury. Our holistic approach to chiropractic care helps golfers in Newark, DE heal faster, feel better, and get back on the golf course.


Common Golf Injuries

Most golf injuries are classified as overuse injuries. Overuse injuries may be the result of poor form, too much time on the course, or aggravation of a preexisting injury. While overuse injuries do not usually warrant a trip to the emergency room, they can be painful and may get worse if left untreated. A trip to the chiropractor is necessary to evaluate and treat your golf injury as soon as possible.

The doctors at Diamond State Chiropractic are familiar with many types of sports injuries, including those common in golf. Four golf-related conditions commonly see in our patients are:

Lower Back Pain – This is the most common complaint we get from golfers. Bending and twisting while you swing can puts stress on the muscles in your back, hips, and legs. Golfers of all levels and ages come in with lower back pain caused by golf.

Shoulder Pain – All that swinging puts a lot of stress on the AC joint in the shoulder. Many golfers come to us with shoulder pain. It is important to address shoulder pain as soon as possible because these joints take a long time to heal and can keep a golfer off the course for weeks.

Wrist Pain – Practice makes perfect, but all those practice swings can take a toll on your wrists. Pain in the wrist can make daily tasks difficult. Using tools, opening jars, typing, and other mundane tasks can be excruciating for patients with wrist pain.

Elbow Pain – Elbow injuries in golf are so common, they are often referred to as “Golfer’s Elbow.” This type of golf injury is most often seen in amateur golfers who grip their club too tight.

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Our friendly and experienced chiropractors love to help golfers get back on the green. We will perform a comprehensive evaluation and work with you to design a holistic treatment plan that is best for you. We combine proven techniques, like spinal adjustments, with personalized lifestyle and diet plans that will help you feel better faster.

We love golf as much as you do, and we understand how golf injuries happen. Whether it is your swing, stance, or grip, Diamond State Chiropractic can give you advice that will improve your game and help you prevent further injury on the golf course.

If you are looking for a natural, whole-body centered chiropractic treatment for a golf injury, Diamond State Chiropractic is here to help. We are proud to serve residents in the Newark, DE area. Call us today to see how we can help you be at your best.

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