Chiroflow Pillows

Chiroflow Pillows for Neck Pain from your Newark, DE Chiropractor 

One of the biggest reasons why people suffer from neck pain, and have trouble solving that pain is because they are sleeping with the wrong pillow. Pillows are responsible for supporting the head and keeping it aligned in a neutral position while you sleep. When this doesn't happen, the neck structures become stressed, which aggravate any existing problems and increase pain and stiffness.


Pillow recommendations overall, are largely based on sleeping position. For example, it's recommended that back sleepers use a low pillow, and that side sleepers use a high pillow. Of course, not everyone sleeps in the exact same position every night. A person might spend some time on their back, some of their side, and may even be on their stomach for a while. While some try to accommodate their varied sleeping position with an adjustable bed, in many cases the true way to get neck pain relief is from adjustable ergonomic pillows, such as Chiroflow pillows for neck pain.

Benefits of Chiroflow Pillows

chiroflow pillows

There are a lot of great features to Chiroflow pillows. They are water based, which allows them to respond to head movement without the need to "fluff" the pillows in the night. Their firmness level on these 20" x 28" pillows is also flexible, and can be anywhere from soft to firm, and they will fit in either a standard or queen size pillow case. They are guaranteed for 30 days, and have gained enough popularity to sell more than four million. One of the secrets of the high satisfaction rate is that they are only sold in the chiropractor's office. In order to get the pillow to relieve neck pain, the first step is a visit to Diamond State Chiropractic, a chiropractor in Newark DE.

How Seeing a Newark, DE Chiropractor Can Help

Just because Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark sells the Chiroflow pillows doesn't mean that the pillow alone can be considered enough to provide neck pain relief long term. Although the pillow is very flexible, it is important to have your condition evaluated by a chiropractor in order to make the most out of its capabilities. During your assessment, you'll likely be asked about your sleep patterns and whatever pain you are experiencing.  Through various testing, our chiropractor can help you identify how you should personally set up your pillow to receive the support you need.

Schedule a Chiropractic Visit With Our Chiropractor in Newark To See If a Chiroflow Pillow Could Help

Rather than just prescribing a pillow for neck pain, at Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark, DE will give you a holistic evaluation, which will identify they types of manual spinal adjusts are necessary, and how using your pillow complement your treatment plan. Ultimately, feeling better will happen with a combination of in office treatments, as well as comfortable sleep, lifestyle adjustments, and exercise instruction. Contact us at (302) 892-9355 to learn more about Chiroflow pillows and how to make they work for you.

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