Corrective Exercises with our Newark Chiropractors

What is a corrective exercise? It is a motion, stretch, or exercise designed to correct a dysfunctional part of the body. Whether you are experiencing pain or injury, a corrective exercise program with our experienced Newark chiropractors can address a medical issue with the proper type of exercise. Many people prefer corrective exercise to other forms of chiropractic treatment such as surgery, medication, or massage therapy. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that corrective exercise is just as effective as the other non-surgical treatments.


What to Expect From a Corrective Exercise Program

If you plan to visit our corrective chiropractor in Newark, you can expect the following phases:

  • Assessment. Once the doctor examines and diagnoses your pain, discomfort or injury, he or she will determine the exercises that will most benefit the client. The doctor might also look at the client's medical history and ask what type of treatment plan the client is most comfortable with. The corrective exercise program will be created with the skillset, appropriate sequencing, and client confidence in mind. 
  • Action. Once the program is planned out, the client will start performing the corrective exercises. The exercises will likely become more difficult or complex over time in order to slowly strengthen the client's targeted areas.
  • Adjustments. If the client doesn't feel capable of completing a certain sequence or is worn out, then the doctor can make adjustments to the program until the client feels up to the task. If the client feels confident about the exercise regime and wants to skip ahead, then he or she can consult the corrective exercise specialist about making changes to the program.

Types of Exercises

There are all sorts of exercises that can improve the musculoskeletal system. Corrective exercise is generally organized into the extension biased or flexion biased categories. Extension biased exercises focus on centralizing symptoms of your medical condition.  Flexion biased exercises focus on bending over movements that promote back stretching. 

What Can Corrective Exercise Do?

Corrective exercise can reduce pain, whether it is occurring in the back, neck, shoulders, or legs. This type of exercise can slowly improve muscles, tendons, and ligaments that were otherwise damaged or weakened. Think of corrective exercise as motor patterning; if you perform a physical pattern enough times, eventually you will naturally improve your body.

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