Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Care at Diamond State Chiropractic

At Diamond State Chiropractic, our team provides comprehensive support for most types of pain. Some of the most common forms we see today are related to back pain. Lower back pain and sciatica are two conditions that can make it near impossible to get through activities during the day. You may not be comfortable laying on your back for long, either. If you suffer from chronic or acute pain in this area, come in to see our team for a consultation and treatment plan.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is the most common cause of low back pain that radiates down into the hips and legs. It occurs as a result of inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the largest single nerve in your body. It is made up of numerous smaller nerve roots that have the goal of communicating messages from and to the brain with the legs. When this nerve becomes irritated or compressed in any area, it creates shooting, debilitating pain. This isn't uncommon.

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatica is a type of nerve pain with very distinguishing symptoms. Those include:

  • A constant pain located in just one hip or leg (it is less common for it to occur in both legs at the same time)
  • Pain that gets worse the longer you remain seated
  • Burning, tingling, or searing pain in the upper or lower leg
  • A sudden, sharp, shooting pain located in the lower back, hip, or leg when standing up
  • Pain that can reach as low as the foot and toes in some situations
  • Pain or discomfort that leads to weakness, numbness, or trouble moving the impacted area

What Causes Sciatica and Lower Back Pain?

As noted, the most common cause of sciatica is damage, inflammation, or compression of the sciatic nerve. This can occur after a fall, after a car accident, or just from wear and tear over time.

How Your Chiropractor Can Treat and Management Sciatica

The goal of chiropractic care for sciatic nerve pain is to reduce the inflammation in that nerve. The pain is a signal to your brain that something is wrong. Your chiropractor will work with you to understand the pain and use diagnostic tools such as x-rays to pinpoint the area of concern. From there, we can then apply the proper treatment to resolve the underlying pain.

This may include spinal manipulation. With the use of gentle force, we can properly align the spinal column, taking the pressure off of that nerve. This treats the underlying problem.

In addition to this, our team will create a customized treatment plan for you. It may include massage therapy to reduce pain, physical therapy to improve your ability to walk properly, and posture screenings. All of this can reduce the risk of sciatica recurring.

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