Herniated Disc

Herniated and Bulging Disc Treatment in Newark

A herniated disc can occur in any part of the spine, impacting millions of people per year due to direct injuries, prolonged stress, and spinal irritation. Likewise, a bulging disc can pose many pain and mobility problems to those who’ve encountered spinal issues. Diamond State Chiropractic intends to help Newark, DE, residents find relief and restored comfort from these ailments, providing lifelong solutions to painful disc symptoms. 


How Does a Herniated Disc Occur?

Spinal discs serve to cushion your spine’s vertebrae. Comprised of a tough cartilage outer layer surrounding soft, central cartilage, these discs assure comfort and mobility. They can wear down, tear and rupture, however. Sometimes, even prolonged dehydration can stiffen and erode this cartilage.

A herniated disc occurs when a disc’s outer layer cracks, causing the disc’s soft interior to protrude from inside the disc. Herniated discs can occur even if a small crack is present. Because a herniated disc can cause long-term medical issues, it's important to contact a medical provider as soon as the symptoms of a herniated disc appear.

How Does a Bulging Disc Occur?

As discs encounter wear-and-tear with age, their cartilage can stiffen, bulging out around the disc’s natural circumference. Much like a herniated disc, a bulging disc can cause moderate to extreme discomfort.

Symptoms of Disc Injury

Bulging and herniated disc symptoms tend to overlap quite a bit. Most occur in the lower back, but they can also occur in the upper spine and neck. Depending on where the disc is located, and whether it presses against a nerve, either side of the body may experience symptoms.

Common symptoms of disc injuries include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Numbness and tingling radiating along affected nerves
  • Arm or leg pain when coughing or sneezing
  • Muscle weakness along affected nerves

How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Fortunately, treating a herniated disc or bulging disc is possible. Your chiropractor can gradually heal a disc injury by locating its source and utilizing chiropractic adjustments to gently restore comfort and mobility. This type of treatment corrects spinal imbalances without drugs or invasive treatments, so you needn’t worry about prolonged risks or side effects.

If you’re experiencing signs of disc injury, we encourage you to book an appointment with our experienced Newark chiropractor today. Diamond State Chiropractic is always ready to help patients reacquire comfort, mobility, and wellness that last.

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