Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves can leave you with pain and a wide range of other symptoms. If you think you may have a pinched nerve, here's what you need to know about the condition, as well as your treatment options.


What Are Pinched Nerves?

In simple terms, a pinched nerve occurs when excess pressure is placed on a nerve. This pressure could be caused by cartilage, muscle tissue, or even bones. The pressure on the nerve causes a loss of nerve function, which in turn leads to all the symptoms you feel when you have a pinched nerve. Some of the most common pinched nerve symptoms include:

  • Numbness in the area of the nerve
  • Sharp or burning pain
  • Pins and needles sensation
  • Muscle weakness
  • Frequently feeling like something "falls asleep"

Causes of Pinched Nerves

As we mentioned before, pinched nerves are caused by something in your body physically pinching a nerve. In some cases, a pinched nerve may be a result of carpal tunnel syndrome. Herniated spinal disks are also a common cause of compressed nerves. You could also experience a pinched nerve as a result of poor posture over the years.

There are several risk factors that make you more likely to experience a pinched nerve. If you have carpal tunnel, bone spurs, rheumatoid arthritis, or a thyroid disease, you're at a higher risk for pinched nerves. The same can be said for people who are overweight, have diabetes, overuse muscles, or are pregnant.

Pinched Nerve Treatment from a Chiropractor

Finding the right pinched nerve treatment option in Newark can be difficult, but you do have several options. Chiropractors are one of the best ways to treat your pinched nerve because they address the root of the problem instead of just treating your symptoms. Of course, you can still take an over-the-counter pain medication to help you deal with the pain, as chiropractic treatment is compatible with nearly all other treatment methods.

The goal of chiropractic treatment for a pinched nerve is to loosen up the area so that the nerve isn't pinched anymore. If a muscle is tightened up and pinching a nerve or your posture is the cause of your pinched nerve, a chiropractor can help treat that. In some cases where a bone is causing the pinched nerve, surgery may be required to completely relieve your symptoms.  

A Helping Hand

Nobody wants to deal with the pain and suffering of having a pinched nerve. Fortunately, you don't have to when you have the help of a good Newark chiropractor. If you need help finding relief from the pain of a pinched nerve, schedule an appointment with Diamond State Chiropractic today.

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