Back Pain Treatments

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, back pain, or sciatica, you may have sought relief from a variety of conventional medical sources. The sad truth is that ordinary medicine has very little to offer pain sufferers beyond expensive, risky, and difficult surgery, or expensive, harsh, and often addictive painkillers. Fortunately, there is an alternative, in chiropractic medicine.


Although there are a variety of causes, in many instances, back pain, neck pain, and sciatica stem from inflammation of one or another of the components that make up the spinal column. Our spinal columns, or backbones, are one of the design marvels of nature, fairly robust, but carefully balanced. If something falls out of alignment, the result is painful.

The Source of Back Pain

The spinal column consists of a central nerve, the spinal cord, which carries signals from the base of the brain along its length, terminating in the pelvis. All the motion of the body, and many of the involuntary actions like breathing and swallowing, are controlled by signals sent through the spinal cord. This vital nerve is protected by a series of ring-shaped bones, called vertebrae, alternating with a series of ring-shaped discs, made of softer cartilage. The cartilage discs cushion the vertebrae and prevent them from rubbing against one another.

In a correctly aligned spinal column, everything is in place, and everything functions well, providing the body with a remarkably wide range of motion. In the event of trauma, such as an accident or fall, repetitive motion and strain on the muscles, or even poor posture over a period if time, a disc can slip out of place, or a vertebra can fall out of alignment. In this case, the bone can rub against a neighboring bone, or against the spinal cord. The body then begins to send pain signals, not only through the back, but through the adjoining shoulders or hips.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

Chiropractic adjustment is a technique designed to restore the body's natural alignment, repositioning the back and other joints to a normal position. This can be done manually by the chiropractor, or using a variety of devices designed to encourage the body to resume its usual posture. The process is natural, drug and surgery free, and has been shown to be scientifically valid and safe over a long period of time. Once the natural alignment is restored, the body can heal naturally.

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