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Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that erodes the cartilage and other connective tissues in the joints. As one of the most common forms of bone disease, osteoarthritis can eventually appear in any joint in the body. It becomes more common as we age and the wear and tear on our joints become more significant. Visiting your local chiropractor is the best way to get the joint pain relief you need.


Signs and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is a progressive condition that gradually worsens over time. While symptoms may start out mild, they will worsen as time passes. Pain, inflammation, and stiffness are the first symptoms many people experience. Joints become less flexible and you may begin to feel as if your bones are grinding together. Bone spurs may start to develop, leading to tenderness around the joint. Regular exercise and a good diet will help to slow the progress of the disease, but it won't stop it entirely.

Chiropractic Care Options

Chiropractic care offers many treatment options that are beneficial for taking care of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Chiropractic care can help the body maintain a natural state of balance for as long as possible to reduce and prevent symptoms. Adjustments and other treatment options can effectively minimize swelling and increase range of motion and flexibility. Keeping the joints moving freely will reduce your pain and discomfort.

Promoting Good Joint Health

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to promote good joint health. Regular exercise, 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night, and a nutritious diet are all extremely important. All of these factors work together to keep the body healthy and in balance. It's never too late to make positive lifestyle changes. The more in-balance the body is, the healthier and happier you are. While healthy habits won't reverse the effects of osteoarthritis, they will go a long way to slowing down the advancement of the condition.

Contact Diamond State Chiropractic in Newark Today!

If you are experiencing any type of joint pain, visit Diamond State Chiropractic today. We are able to create personalized treatment plans using a variety of chiropractic treatment options. If you live in the Newark area, stop in the office at your earliest convenience! Don't let joint pain get you down. We are here to help you get the personalized care you need to feel like your old self again!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Kris and all the staff are just phenomenal. I have been relieved of pain that I had suffered with for over 15 years! They are always flexible in working with my schedule. They are a warm and friendly group, and skilled and knowledgeable about every service, therapy and aids that they provide."
    Donna E.
  • "Dr Kris Hollstein is an amazing Chiropractor! My entire family sees her! She takes her time with all her patients! She’s involved in the Medical Community and helps promote the practice of Chiropratic care to make her patients live better! I would highly recommend Dr Kris!"
    Barbara Grabher
  • "I have been in chronic pain for at least 10 years. Grateful to have found Dr. Kris she is kind, compassionate and a wealth of information. I am so appreciative for the care provided at Diamond State for the first time I no longer think about my neck or shoulders. Very professional and kind office all the way from front to back!!! I am in the medical field and chiropractic care is definitely under utilized in medicine. My healthcare provider does include chiropractor care so I have won all the way around. I feel fabulous."
    Katherine Esdale
  • "I have been to many chiropractors in my life. Dr Greg is one of the best. I always feel so much better and looser after my visit. The rest of the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoy their positive energy. I wish I'd have come here sooner."
  • "Thanks to Dr G Serge I have found significant relief in back. I did not expect such quick improvement in pain. I know it will take a while but I I am confident of improved function"
    Anna R., Newark, DE
  • "Came here as a recommendation from my specialist. Had been dealing with a mystery back pain for over a year at this point. This place has given me some much needed pain relief. I am so grateful for what they've done!!"
    Lisa L.
  • "First class practice, kind, professional and prompt service, they have the whole package! Dr. Greg Serge has been an amazing caregiver, he listens and customizes each treatment based on my feedback. The professional staff at this center is
    unmatched in ANY office I have ever visited. The young professional staff are friendly, personable and AMAZING, they treat me like a family member and they know my name!! How fantastic. So happy my friend recommended this chiropractic group. I highly recommend Dr. Greg Serge to all of my friends and family."
    Christie B.
  • "Incredible practice, kind, professional and prompt service, they have the whole package! The young professional staff are friendly, personable and AMAZING, they treat me like a family member. My mom has been going to see Dr. Kris for as long as I can remember. I've been to both Dr. Hollstein (Dr.Kris) and Dr. Serge I highly recommend either of them!"
    Michele S.
  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Hollstein."
    John D Newark, DE
  • "Doctors & Staff are great, very professional. I have benefited by coming here, Dr. Hollstein steered me away from surgery & that’s great! Thanks!"
    Paul P.

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